PYRO-Box EvoPYRO-Box EvoPYRO-Box EvoPYRO-Box EvoPYRO-Box EvoPYRO-Box Evo
PYRO-Box EvoPYRO-Box EvoPYRO-Box EvoPYRO-Box EvoPYRO-Box EvoPYRO-Box Evo

PYRO-Box Evo

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    Eco-Counter laskimet
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    The PYRO-Box Evo is our lightest, most versatile people counter yet. It is 7 times smaller and 5 times lighter than previous versions of the PYRO Box.

    The system combines a physical counter with a user friendly software to analyze your site, understand trends (such as peak hours and seasonal patterns) and share analyses with partners. The PYRO Box Evo is the ideal solution to capture people counting trends on sidewalks, shared paths, pedestrianized streets, urban trails and more.

    A lightweight, turnkey people counting solution

    The PYRO-Box Evo is lighter, smaller and more versatile than ever. Never before has it been so easy to count all active transportation users including pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, rollerbladers and more.

    Designed for the outdoor environment

    Compact, robust, battery-powered, anti-vandalism and waterproof, the PYRO-BoxEvo blends perfectly in the outdoor environment. Its environmental impact has been reduced by 70% compared with our previous PYRO range.

    Easy to install and use

    The PYRO Box Evo is easy to use and requires little maintenance. The battery powered counter can be left untouched for up to two years, after which time the batteries are easily replaced. In the latest version of this counter, remote upgrades and maintenance are possible, meaning one less trip into the field for you.


    Dimensions 12.6 x 12.6 x 5.35cm (5’’ x 5’’ x 2.10’’)

    Weight ≈ 820g (1.8 lbs)

    Operating temperature -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to 158°F)

    Waterproof IP68

    Material POM-C

    Color Grey - RAL 7016 (other colors available on request)

    Range 1m to 10m (33')